Saddling Up

Hi All,

Yes, this is a welcome post. Feel free to skip this one if you’re not in the mood.

Welcome to Equinovice- the name speaks for itself. I am a twenty something, a new grad, a working woman, an athlete, and now, I am literally taking up the reins in hopes of one day becoming an equestrienne. I’d like to offer a glimpse of what it is like to become a student of horsemanship starting as a young adult with little horse background. I live in the burbs, in snow country, my mother is afraid of horses, and I played a host of other sports as a child. I did not sit in a saddle “before I could even walk”, I did not grow up around horses, I wasn’t a member of a pony club, and can’t even remember how or when the horse bug bit me so hard. But I have been deeply under its spell ever since.

It has been a winding road so far that I fully expect to take many more turns up ahead. I have endless questions and long for more detailed explanations. The teachers I have had so far have been perfect in every possible way for very different reasons. But there is so much more I can’t wait to learn! I can’t promise that this blog will be strictly about riding and horsemanship because, well, I don’t know enough of that to offer you consistency in my posts. And I can’t promise I won’t sometimes head off on a tangent. But what I can tell you is that my posts will be honest, they will be me, they are my therapy, and they will tell an ongoing story that hopefully will allow you to draw some parallels to your own horse experiences! Read if you dare- hell, you might even enjoy it.



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