Walked in Fields of Gold

I didn’t want you to think that all I was going to share were bad days and frustrations! Thursday night was a lovely evening. The weather was great and the horses at We Can Ride were in a pretty good mood! I took on the job of Barn Aid for this session of WCR and this job was quite a bit different from what I was used to. I jumped at the chance initially because I enjoy gaining all of the horse experience I can get! The Barn Aid must collect and organize all of the tack that will be used for the night. They groom all 10 horses that will be used in the classes and then tack them so they are ready when their rider arrives for class. It is really fun getting to know the very different personalities of all the horses. Bluntly and honestly, it is also giving me huge experience identifying instances where horses bite, kick, or spook. Thankfully those moments are few and far between with these therapy horses as many of them are amazing at what they do and have the saintly personality to go with it.

This past Thursday was extra nice because the weather was fantastic and it was our last night of class so we did some special stuff in our classes and a group of the instructors and volunteers all went out after class for a happy hour dinner. It is a really great group of people to work with and to relax with. We sat outside at the restaurant because we all knew we smelled like a barn and we laughed all evening as we ate and chatted. The people at WCR are definitely one big reason I keep coming back!

Plus, when you look out the back door and see this:

How can you not come back?



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