Success at last!

My riding lesson last night was excellent.

Man, does it feel good to say that again. After three weeks of losing faith in myself, my instructor, and every horse I rode, the week off brought clarity and last night’s lesson brought sweet sweet relief. I refuse to over-analyze the night because it just felt too good. I rode Tia and whispered every manor of “sweet nothing” and term of endearment I knew into her delicate little ear as I quickly groomed and saddled before my trainer could come in and change her mind.

Another milestone was reached as well. One of my lesson mates rode Sonny. Of course Sonny was a perfect angel for her…but I’m trying not to take it as too much of a hit to my ego as Tia and I looked wonderful: we cantered well, we worked on side passing and shoulders in. All in all a great lesson.


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