Buckskins, Palominos, and Duns Oh my!

I am a sucker for a horse of a different color. I spend a somewhat alarming amount of time envisioning the color of horse I will someday buy. The toughest part about that little fantasy is that it changes day-to-day. Now, I not delusional enough to buy a horse for its coloring above all else but since this is still MY fantasy everything obviously falls into place leaving me with the perfect horse in all respects in a beautifully colored package!

I have always been a HUGE fan of dark-colored horses with white manes and tails. Some circles call this coloring chocolate w/flaxen, other call them silver dapple, I’ve even head them refered to as dark palominos (which may be misguided but I don’t know enough to comment). Horses that most often present this coloring are Rocky Mountain Horses and Norikers. I am not terribly sure on the genetics end which combination of genes present this coloring but I do know that many Rocky breeders specifically select for it in their breeding programs.

I can picture this pretty little girl and all of the fun I would have accessorizing. Unfortunately, Rockies are gaited and they are often smaller horses rendering them perhaps a poor choice for the discipline I have chosen to pursue. But gawd, could you imagine those beautiful white locks neatly plaited? You can’t…well allow me to help:










Here are some of the horses from the We Can Ride fundraiser trail ride this year. So many fabulous colors represented!


beautiful buckskin boy


frosted dun? silver grulla?

I guess I just think he’s awesome.


pretty pal

And last but DEFINITELY not least….


a lovely dun with that beautiful fjordy midstol through her mane



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