Kerrits Gear Review

It seems that a few people have visited my blog looking for some product information- reviews if you will. So far all I have managed to produce in the way of product information is a picture-filled whining session where I complain about not being able to find product information. What I have decided to do to remedy this situation is review the cold weather apparel I most recently bought and mentioned in a previous post.

With that said, I’ll begin with a minor confession: I haven’t actually worn the Sit Tight and Warm Breeches for riding yet. BUT, I have tried them on and subsequently loafed around my house in them because they were so comfortable I didn’t want to take them off. I am thinking that it may be cool enough to wear them sometime this week. I have a make-up lesson tonight (last weds we got rained out) and my normal lesson Wednesday so we’ll see what the weather brings and I will update this post according to my impressions post-ride!

The vest is another story. I broke out my new Kerrits Competitor Vest in my lesson two weeks ago and I really liked it. My impression upon opening the box was that the vest was very well made. The outside was slick but matte and looked like it would resist wind and rain but it was not so thick that it was stiff or bulky. The inside was a thin fleece-like liner that made the vest comfortable but not plush enough to really add much warmth. It is a good style for spring and fall weather. The only thing I was hesitant on was the size- which, obviously is my own fault. I had never ordered any Kerrits apparel before so I wasn’t sure if they were true to size. I got a good deal on the vest but by the time I realized that Kerrits size Large is considered a women’s 10-12 they didn’t have the size up available so I decided I’d give it a go anyways. It fit a little snug but not so tight I wanted to go through the hassle of returning it. Interestingly enough, the very fact that it was snug improved my riding posture exponentially as I sat taller and kept my shoulders open to avoid looking like stuffed sausage. Ha. win-win! I also received more than one compliment on the vest that night from my instructors. Overall, the Kerrits Competitor Vest was comfortable, good-looking, and a pretty good deal!



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