“Do you want an adventure?” she asked

That is what my trainer asked me last night and I was game.

So she tried me on one of the newer and greener horses in the barn which just happened to be a 17hh Friesian Cross Sporthorse. Really pretty guy named Brago. It didn’t work out quite like the fairytale I was hoping, but there was definite promise. He is available for lease after all! Just got to cure him of the trying to scrape me off on the arena walls part. He felt like a recliner on a trampoline in the trot. It was big and floaty but occasionally he would whip in this lope/trot thing hoping I wouldn’t notice. His canter was lovely, albeit lazy and a struggle to continue past a few strides.

But hey, I did say I was up for an adventure…we’ll see, don’t count us out as a pair yet.



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