Ariat Obsession

Just try to make me not like them…just try. This brand is well, a little bit like me. One part cowgirl, one part preppy english, good quality, good lookin’, reasonable, and versatile. I have purchased three different pairs of Ariat boots in the past 6 months. I initially purchased my Heritage II Lacer paddock boots for riding because I thought they would easily be able to transition between western and english–indeed they have! My next purchase was a pair of the Ariat Terrain boots for my weekly We Can Ride classes as I felt walking for miles each class was going a little hard on my paddock boots. They are great. I also wore the Terrains everyday and all day volunteering at the World Equestrian Games. They were comfortable for huge amounts of walking and standing (as comfortable as can be expected for that kind of merciless activity!) and they still look new despite standing in dirty stalls, getting rained on, and walking miles each week. My most recent purchase is of the fashion persuasion. I ordered a pair of Ariat Plymouth boots. They have not come in yet but I can’t wait to see if they fit and I will be quite upset if they don’t. Take a look at these beauties:

I’ll be sure and let you all know how they turn out! And, as you know, I am currently in the market for some tall dress boots. I’d love to go with Ariat but they would have to make a convincing case. Even their cheapest models are $100 more than the Mountain Horse pair I’ve had my eye on for a while now. There is a rumor that Ariat will be extending a special discount to all WEG volunteers in the next few weeks. I am waiting eagerly to see what this discount may be and if it is enough to help persuade me back home to one of my favorite brands!



4 thoughts on “Ariat Obsession

  1. Hey what size boots do you need? I have the Mountain Horse winter tall boots (high rider or ice rider I think) that I got barely used but they are just plain too big for me to even try and wear. I keep thinking I’m going to wear them in the winter but I clomp around in them and then take them off and switch to something else every time. I think they are marked as 11s, I wear an 8 usually and I’d say these are more like 2 sizes too big, not 3. But I have big calves so that part fits. Anyways I’m willing to part with them for cheap if you’re interested.

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