Disclaimer: This Post Contains Whining

well don’t say you weren’t warned.

Where to start…I am in a crummy mood for various reasons. I finally got my Ariat Plymouth boots last week from Equestrian Collections. It took forever, and even though customer service at Equestrian Collections was nice, I had to talk to them twice to get a simple issue squared away. My frustration isn’t really with the distributors though, I was flat-out disappointed with the boots. Ariat, you had me right where you’d want me, just go look at my last post about you. sigh. I took the right boot out of the box and knew from the second i looked at it they would need to go back. There were huge manufacturing flaws, a blatant scratch on the toe of the boot and multiple discolored patches on the body of the boot. One of the patches looked like a cheaply done leather repair for a hole in the leather. I am aware that these boots are only $220 and compared to a very nice pair of leather boots that isn’t very expensive but a brand new pair of boots should never arrive looking like these. I will be sending them promptly back, and I will not be seeking a different pair. [On a slightly happier note I recently ordered some Frye boots that should arrive this week- per usual, I’ll let you know.]

I also missed my riding lesson last week due to a National Sales Meeting at work. I had a good time with my coworkers but being in meetings all day long and being forced to miss both riding and yoga for the week really took a toll. I need both for max stress relief but riding at the very least! Looking at the weather report for this week is further depressing me as it looks as though I may not make it to riding this week either. Ugg. I can’t even think about that right now.

I don't know whose picture this is, but it totally explains my mood. So don't be the dog...

Saturday my barn was hosting a schooling show that I wanted to go watch. Actually, I would have wanted to ride in the show but I knew I would be missing my lesson right before the show so I decided I would wait until the next one to make my show debut. I had a meeting in the morning on saturday for a Portuguese language group I belong to so I knew my morning would be booked but I was hoping the show would go late enough into the afternoon for me to catch some of the classes. I showed up at the barn, hot coffee in hand, and as I walked up to slide open the barn aisle door to head down to the arena, my instructor opened the door. I saw her face and knew…. “The show just finished, didn’t it?…” I muttered, looking dejected. We had to laugh, but yes, the show was over- I didn’t get to see a single ride. Fail.

Sunday we got a lovely ice storm overnight and when I walked out my front door I promptly slipped down my front steps, tried to get up on the ice, slipped again and slid under my car. So, needless to say, my ego is bruised but not quite as badly as my shin, thigh, and shoulder.

The sun’ll come out tomorrow though…right?



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