Back to the Drawing Board

Last night’s riding lesson proved to be a frigid affair. I am not sure I can blame everything on the temperature alone but dag gonnit I can sure try. Coming off a magical pre-thanksgiving lesson where Spratty and I connected in ways I never knew possible, this week left much to be desired. I couldn’t relax my legs long and kept nagging with my calves at the trot; I barely got a passable lengthen over some poles; my leg yields were dead and unbalanced; and my canters were crooked and rushy. Meanwhile, I sat there like frozen sack of potatoes expertly proving the theory that rider warm-up is just as crucial as warming up the horse. Lesson learned. Of course Sprat was tolerant of my idiocy and calmly tried to give me the ride I was searching for–except that one part where he channelled his inner 4-year-old and decided to be scared of a cone. Ah well, there’s always next week. Keep your fingers crossed that temps will be a bit kinder to me.

Cones are freakin scary


On a positive note, my trainer has been working with Brego (younger friesian x saddlebred gelding I mentioned in a previous post) and he has been doing really well! She said she’d like to put me back on him soon. HUGE yay.

Brego, isn't he handsome.



2 thoughts on “Back to the Drawing Board

  1. isn’t it interesting where and when we learn all sorts of life lessons? and can you please wear your fav pair of boots on Sat, I will wear mine and we shall be the booty bloggers ;P I am serious.



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