World Equestrian Games part 2

I have been sick for the past week and totally out of commission. With a heavy heart and crushing disappointment I called my trainer on Wednesday and told her I would not be able to ride. This would be the first time I have missed a lesson that hadn’t been a pre-planned absence. Then, as luck would have it, Minnesota decided to turn frigid and winter conditioning at We Can Ride was also canceled leaving me completely devoid of horse interaction for the week.

So, I have nothing new for you this week. In lieu of current stories I will delight you with a few pictures I took at the World Equestrian Games when I volunteered there this past September. Enjoy!


Tina Konyot on Calecto V

An Australian rider, Half-pass

A Polish eventer warming up for Dressage phase

Showing that beautiful Lusitano neck and one very proud Brazilian rider

Yours truly being all Volunteer-y

Victory laps for the UAE endurance team

Laura Bechtolsheimer warming up with Alf early in the morning

J M Munoz and Fuego XII

Champions Enter Here

Gratuitous photo of Fuego XII


Be back next week!


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