The “L” word.


I am a couple of moments of soul-searching and a few strands of red tape away from leasing my very first horse.


I am being prematurely excited, which isn’t usually like me. My M.O. is to deny, deny, deny that a good thing is about to happen until I have that bird in the hand. But I am excited. I am excited because I have been waiting for this moment for a long time. Now for some details:

The horse is a 9-year-old Belgian Draft mare. She recently retired from mounted police work and has been in professional dressage training for the past couple months. She is 16.2hh and around 1600 lbs, traditional sorrel with flaxen mane and tail and a white blaze. Her owner, who trained her and has owned her since she was two years old, says she is a sweetheart and though she is calm and well broke she is forward moving and has three nice gaits. She is in Training level dressage and is available 2-3 days per week. Prices seem reasonable and the owner seems very flexible.

I am hoping to validate all of the above and maybe go for a first test drive tomorrow! Despite my unbridled (could not resist the pun) enthusiasm, I am maintaining a healthy amount of skepticism and propriety in evaluating the fit for both parties. I just hope tomorrow goes well, that she is everything she is billed to be, that we connect, that our abilities match well, that her owner and I get along and we are able to come to a sound and fair agreement. Keep your fingers crossed for me because she certainly is a beauty.



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