Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

This is nice for a trail ride on the beach…

But when that is what the arena looks like during your dressage lesson because the class is so big…not so ideal. And no beach either.

Sprat and I had a decent lesson after a week and a half apart. He was a smidge lazy but we eventually got forward. Our lateral work was rusty and it took us a while to get a good leg yield at the trot even on my good side. Our rhythm was a bit off and Sprat dropped his shoulder and fell  a little to the outside until I picked it back up and we finally managed to get one good one in each direction. Rhythm and frame were excellent in the walk at leg yield and shoulder in. We did some cantering and that went fairly well. I was asked to pick it up from the walk and that took us about three tries before I could get a smooth transition. The canter itself was relaxed and balanced and really felt quite nice! I will double up on lessons this week so I will ride him on Wednesday too. I think there are supposed to be four of us there on Wednesday, which isn’t quite as many as last night but still too many- I got spoiled for a while with just two of us.

Although, if I do lease Kate, I will have private lessons once a week for a few months at least. Yay! After having a trainer always watching my every mistake I’ll probably be wishing for my group lessons again. C’est la vie!



One thought on “Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen

  1. okay- my eyes rolled backward after they crossed trying to figure out what that contraption was in the previous post. whoa. and Kate sounds like a winner, but I *sorta* love that name 🙂

    Yay Woo!


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