EquiNovice in Wonderland

This week has been an exercise in adaptability as far as my horsey exploits were concerned. I have ridden for the last three days in a row but my experience has been akin to feasting with Alice.

I rode my big and beautiful Belgian horse, Kate on Tuesday evening. We worked on bending and transitions. There was one other rider in the arena at the time having a lesson with the barn owner and **name drop alert** S (senior) Dressage Judge, Bronze, Silver, and Gold medal recipient, Bill Solyntjes and as we were cooling out Bill came over and told me I looked very pretty riding Kate and that her bending was looking better- which is essentially Dressage trainer speak for: “you’re riding well and you two are a good match”. I was elated. It was an unexpected and unsolicited compliment and he has no idea just how much it meant to me. Oh, the joys of being a novice.











On Wednesday evening I had my lesson at Featherbrook which went pretty well. There were too many people in the arena again but I was satisfied with my ride for the most part. The mind freak was that I rode Comet, a 14.3hh Arabian gelding. Everything about Kate is big: her movement; the aids required to ride her; her size in general. In contrast, everything about Comet is tiny and he is very sensitive.

I rode Kate again last night and noticed yet another factor that made me feel like I was in the twilight zone. The indoor arena at Featherbrook is much much larger than the arena at Brandywine where I ride Kate. So little Comet and I took what seemed like a bajillion little trot strides to cover the long sides of the arena and when I got back on Kate we were turning the corner again after what seemed like three strides!

An interesting adventure to say the least…as long as I don’t get sucked down the rabbit hole.



2 thoughts on “EquiNovice in Wonderland

  1. Woo! So proud of you that someone who has that much clout bestowed such a fabulous comment on your skills! If that doesn’t put a little pep in your step, I don’t know what would!



    • Yeah, I really think he is probably just a very nice man in general and he is obviously an excellent instructor. I was just impressed he remembered my name- I’d only met him once. He definitely didn’t have to comment at all on my riding but I so appreciated that he did anyway!

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