Testing…Testing… 1 2 3

Great lesson on the friendly old man Sprat last night. We tried a little extended trot across diagonals and did some lateral work. Our canters were great to the left and a little less put together to the right even though that is Sprat’s better side- it isn’t mine. I struggled to keep my inside leg long and relaxed at the girth and it ended up rattling around a bit which I think I can pin on either fatigue from some hard leg workouts I’ve been doing lately or my bad knee. Either way I will have to make sure to keep it in my mind as something to work on.

The last part of class we ran through some of the new tests to decide which of them we might like to do at the schooling show at the end of March. I decided to go with Intro B and Intro C. I would have done Intro A just for the experience but there was no one else signed up for it yet. Now, instead, I’ll be trounced by a bunch of 6 year-olds. I am still very excited to give it a try!

Next week we will spend the whole class doing a mock show to prepare.

I’ll be riding my friendly dinosaur twice this weekend so I’ll be sure and let you know how it goes- hopefully a few more pictures of Kate too!


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