First Outside Lesson of the Year

Spring has sprung at Featherbrook!

Last night we had our first outdoor lesson of the year and the weather was fabulous! I rode my main man Spraticus and we had a pretty decent evening overall. All the horses got their spring shots so I’ll admit he’s moved better but he was probably feeling a little wonky still. We did a nice warm up and some trotting which felt somewhat strange outside because it seemed so draggy and slow in the sand. Our canters were quite nice, especially to the right. Our left lead canter was rough for a few reasons, Sprat was slower in that direction and my stupid right leg flops around. (I have mentioned this issue before) It is my bad knee and I guess I have trouble keeping it behind the girth when I can’t put as much of my weight there to hold it in place. It is a strength issue I’ll continue to work on. Our lateral work at the walk was very good but at the trot was a different story. Sprat kept cranking his neck in and if I let it be straight he hardly moved off my leg. Certainly something else to take back to the drawing board. But in general it was a good lesson and he worked darn hard for me. So hard, in fact, that he was breathing pretty heavy and it took me until dark to hand walk him until his body temp returned to normal. He is in great shape, but: he is about 20 years old; got spring shots yesterday; and had already been ridden once that morning. In hindsight we could have probably taken a few more walk breaks 🙂 At least since the weather was so nice, I had no problem sticking around late to walk with Sprat outside.

I will sure miss that guy this summer while I am riding Kate but I’ll be back in the fall!


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