Sharing my Lack of Style

I have never been especially gifted in the personal style department. For the daughter of a fashion design major my wardrobe choices often make my mother cringe. I am mostly frightened of patterns and color; I tend to wear far too much black or brown; and my body has been absolutely no help considering many of the styles/colors I would like to wear, wouldn’t be the most flattering to my shape. I am a classic dresser and I prefer styles that are timeless rather than trendy. If I had to pick a preferred style type I do tend to edge towards “preppy”. I love anything equestrian related: browns, warm leathers, hunter green. I love old european patterns: houndstooth, tartan, tattersall. I love nautical stuff: braided cotton, navy, white, red, stripes. Basically, I love to dress out of my budget! I mention all of this because I want you to know that what I am about to say is just a harmless, albiet misguided attempt at starting a fashion trend.

While online shopping for riding apparel I came across the stock tie section and pouted because I have no real reason to buy one. I don’t show and even if I did they wouldn’t really require it at my level. But I like the idea of them so I sat there thinking what if I wore a stock tie with a suit. Yep. really.

I know it comes from utilitarian origins. Stock ties are a mandatory part of the hunt uniform and could be used, in a pinch, as a bandage if a person or a horse were injured in the field. Well, as luck would have it, they also look formal and polished. Since many people wear silk scarves with formal attire I don’t see how this would be any different- just an uncommon presentation!


Polished and professional-looking, if you ask me.


I see no reason why this wouldn't look great under a business suit

There are so many options that I adore. I want to buy one of each of these stock ties from Horse Country and I don’t care a lick that they are all listed under men’s attire: Pretty Stock Ties

I’ve never, ever seen anyone walking around with a stock tie who wasn’t at a horse show and I am just the tiniest bit curious what the fashion fall-out would be if I were to start wearing these puppies to work or on a job interview. So if you see someone walking around your next business conference in a suit and hand tied stock tie complete with gold stock pin, feel free to point and laugh, but you just might be surprised how well I rock the look…and isn’t that half the battle in fashion anyway?



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