Summer Riding

I was hoping to have some video or pictures from a recent ride but I haven’t had my camera until this week and to top it off, my instructor canceled my lesson last Friday. There was a clinic at the barn this past weekend and she had to go pick up a guest instructor from the airport. Instead, Kate and I tooled around the arena ourselves just working on a few things and having a nice relaxing ride. We worked on transitions and some bending and then I tried to do a bit of leg yielding to the walls. We did quite a bit of trotting and everything felt pretty nice but I can definitely tell I haven’t had a lesson in a while and I am sure we would both benefit from a refresher with my instructor.

This entire week has been so hot and so humid that I’m not sure Kate will get ridden at all. Her owner went out tonight and hosed her down and told me the poor thing looked just miserable. The heat index today is around 115 and tomorrow might even be worse. We Can Ride will be likely be canceled tomorrow but if it isn’t…oh boy will it miserable out!

I am going to try to ride Kate on Thursday so I might have more to show this weekend.

Until then!


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