Welcome to the Quasi-South.

Now that I live in the Sometimes South, I get these sudden urges to tie up my western lacers, put on some kind of embroidered button-down monstrosity, and emblazon the front of my wranglers with the biggest, shiniest belt buckle I can find. I come from a western riding background and my mom is from the south so there are still a few rivulets of bourbon running through these veins. I did my best to hide them for the past few years as I took on the art of dressage and attempted to look the part. I took the kilties off my boots, I squeezed into a pair of breeches, and considered wearing a stock-tie but i’ll always be half and half and not quite any of either. I love the old european charm and pomp that is heavily rooted in Dressage; I enjoy baroque breeds and the stylishly built frames of european warmbloods; I love a tightly braided mane, a smooth, buttery saddle, and tailored jackets. Yet, at the same time, I loved riding a Belgian draft horse in dressage because it was different; I loved snickering at the crazed dressage women at my snobby barn; and sometimes I happily wore the brightest colors I could find because I was so sick of black and white everything. But give me a black and white Paint horse, a beautiful trail to explore, and a farm-built man in a Stetson and I am a happy girl!

The inspiration for this blog, the first since I moved over 6 months ago, was actually belt buckles. I thought I might like a legitimate western belt buckle so I hopped on ebay to check out the options. Best. Decision. Ever. It turned out to be soooo much more entertaining than I ever imagined! I did find a few buckles I was very much interested in buying but I thought I would show you the best of the best instead. I had absolutely no idea that they make belt buckles for EVERYTHING. I desperately wanted to buy the most ridiculous buckle on the site but quickly realized that choosing would be an impossible task. People actually wear these…



a classic.




well, it was a big eruption...




gallon proud!


on my belt!


collection would not be complete without it


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