Good Bloodlines

Full disclosure: this post is a bait and switch.

I am going to start out talking about polo player Nacho Figueras but slowly you’ll start to realize that the rest of this post has nothing to do with horses… at all. 

Ignacio “Nacho” Figueras: an Argentinian polo player and current Ralph Lauren model. 



Benny Feilhaber: Brazilian-born, current U.S. soccer player.



Francisco Rivera Ordonez: Spanish former bullfighter.



Omar Allibhoy: Spanish chef currently living in the UK.



Francesc “Cesc” Fabregas: Spanish soccer player, currently plays for Barcelona.



Rodrigo Santoro: Brazilian-born actor.



Cayetano Rivera Ordonez: Spanish bullfighter, just like his older brother…and father…and grandfather.



Honorable Mentions:


Gael Garcia Bernal: Mexican actor. HM mainly because I don’t really want him…I want to give him a puppy and some food.



Andres Palop: Spanish soccer player. Bumped from the list because there were already too many footballers.




This is clearly not an exhaustive list and there were purposeful omissions like Cristiano Ronaldo who I find gross and some of the usuals aren’t featured either like Enrique or Ricky or various Ibero-American male models but you get the idea… 

you’re welcome.




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