Gettin’ the Itch…

“To ride again?” you ask…


Well, yes, but that’s a different post entirely. Actually, I am considering revisiting a previous goal of mine that was “shelved” during the move to Indiana.

I had been volunteering at a therapeutic riding barn in Minnesota for nearly 10 years and those last few years I had started to become more involved with the organization. I took on new roles, I volunteered on multiple nights, and I had started down the path of earning my instructor certification. It is an extremely lengthy process and, for good reason, not a decision I took lightly. I was committed and ready to start contributing in a different way to the organization that had given me so many opportunities over the years. I spent an eight-week long session as an official Teaching Assistant to learn the ropes and earn hours towards my certification. It was all very fascinating…though much more work than I anticipated. At the time I was pretty stressed at work and had been casually looking for new jobs as well, so class was a welcome release during those tougher weeks. Truthfully though, I wasn’t sure if I could juggle it. I admire the coaches and instructors I have had over the years for various sports and activities because coaching was never their only job. Though, as any coach/instructor would probably agree, it certainly could be. I wanted to devote the time this activity both required and deserved but I wasn’t entirely sure I could do that.

A sudden opportunity on the job front threw a wrench into quite a few of my plans as I accepted a new job at an out-of-state company and made the first “big move” away from home. Luckily, I discovered that my new home offered volunteering options as well and I started volunteering for a new therapeutic riding organization. It is a smaller organization but as their numbers grow they are looking for new instructors. They caught wind of my previous jaunt into this territory and flat-out asked me if I was interested in becoming an instructor. I politely dismissed the question at the time mumbling something about having to start at square one in the process and my actively rusting riding skills but later that night… I got the itch. My curiosity was once again piqued and I spent the next day researching the current certification process. I’m probably certifiABLE for even considering the idea. I still have a demanding job (though this one I love), I do a fair amount of traveling for work, and I really would have to start back at square one but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t interested.

stay tuned…




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