Turning Over a New Leaf

I am officially back in the saddle after quite a lengthy hiatus since moving from the “almost-canada” to the “quasi-south”!

I have picked up lessons at two very different barns with two very different instructors which I am hoping will help me shake off the rust and get some different perspectives on how I can improve. (I can only cross my fingers that these unique perspectives won’t be too contradictory) The curious thing about both of these places is that they are Hunter Jumper/Eventing flavored… I am in unfamiliar territory here as my previous lesson experiences have not included being airborne. Thankfully I’m sure both will start me on the flat and we can slowly visit the subject at a later date if I’m feeling comfortable. I have very real concerns that with my knee in the condition it is that I’ll never have the balance required for jumping. Sometimes I already feel like I am pushing the envelope on riding dressage (like how I always lose my right stirrup and how my leg goes dead near the end of a lesson) but hopefully it will just take some time to build the necessary strength and endurance.

My first lesson at the big barn is on Wednesday of this week. I have already had two lessons now at the little barn to varying degrees of success. First lesson at the little barn was kind of a sh*t show. There were a number of things that went a little crazy (horses flipping in cross ties, barn sourness, packed arena etc.) but I am a patient person and thought it only fair to give another chance. My second lesson there was extremely successful so I am hopeful that we can move quickly past those first lesson hiccups.

I’ll let you know how Wednesday goes!



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