EquiNovice Eventing??

Whoa whoa whoa… who swapped my saddle for this dinky one with the short flaps and who jacked my stirrups up and what the devil is this trotting in two-point crap?!

Big barn instructor got a little crazy on me last week and decided to switch things up. I tried to keep an open mind, I mean I know lots of people who event in Indiana- how hard can it be?

I’ll tell you how hard…starting ALL the way over hard.

I felt like a total idiot and probably looked like one too. It was like that moment when you are cleaning your bedroom and in the middle of the cleaning process the room looks vastly worse than when you started- to the point where you have to remind yourself that you are actually cleaning and it WILL look better eventually. Let me tell ya, it was pretty ugly…

Question 1: How do you steer while trotting in two-point?! Seriously, I’m too busy trying to balance to care if we run into the fence.

Question 2: Is there some kind of ankle strengthening workout I can do to help alleviate the misery that is dealing with my stupid right leg?! My right ankle supinates out leaving my ankle in a really terrible position for bearing my own weight resulting in a fair amount of post ride pain and soreness. I used to have this same problem when I first started riding english and learned to post so I am hoping it is a strength issue I can work on.

My instructor was kind, she didn’t assume I had been taught any of this previously, which I appreciated. I laughed when she asked “now, if I ask you to ride in two-point does that mean anything to you?” I told her I help the kids at the therapeutic riding barn get into a two-point position all the time but have never actually done it myself! Having come from a western and then a dressage background, it just hadn’t really been a part of my lessons. I knew what it was though, and so I tried to manipulate my body into a passable version for her at the walk. It was tough maintaining  balance and it felt super forward. I had to really focus on keeping my head up and even with a handful of mane I struggled to stay up out of the saddle. We did a bit of trotting and trying to stay up in two-point during the trot was quite difficult. I found myself essentially posting in air rather than letting my lower leg absorb the shock. But really, how do you people steer while trotting in two-point? I felt like I was so far up the horse’s neck that I might as well have just grabbed into either side of the bit with my bare hands and then trying to keep the contact consistent and keep your hands quiet… my god! It is too much!

So basically I feel like I should be back on a longe line, with a neck strap, and some older, non-talented horse that I can’t ruin with my ridiculous lack of coordination and talent.

But it’s like the cleaning analogy, right? It’s going to look worse before it gets better.

sigh…fingers crossed!



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