I am not a fan of bull snaps on lead ropes.


Some informal research suggests that some people prefer bull snaps because they are stronger than traditional bolt snaps.


Bolt snaps like this may not be quite as strong but they sure are easier to operate one-handed. These snaps are my preferred lead rope snaps although I don’t mind a snap that perhaps combines the best of both like this buffalo snap:


This one is supposed to have the strength of the bull snap but it’s got that trigger in the back making it much more “one-hand” friendly.

Aside from the snaps, lead ropes seem to be made from a variety of materials and of course are different lengths as well. I tend to favor a longer lead rope and I like a braided poly lead like this one:


I am not a huge fan of the heavy duty cotton leads because it seems like they don’t last as long and they make it hard to tie a quick release knot if they become frayed or unbraided on a certain section of the rope.


I have never used one of these braided flat nylon type of lead ropes but I can’t imagine liking this one much either. Maybe they are super durable… otherwise I don’t really get it:


I ride and volunteer at many different barns where I get to sample many different types of equipment. I know that if/when I purchase my own horse, I will follow these preferences when I go to purchase my own equipment!

Of course, I am interested in hearing your opinion on different snaps or leads and what makes a certain type stand out for you, so please feel free to comment! Is elasticity of the material important? Which is the most durable? Price differences? Why in the world would you buy a cotton lead?!!?



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