Horse Window Shoppers Anonymous

My name is EquiNovice, and I have a problem. I have gone 3 days now (thanks to an out of state business meeting) without feeding my addiction and I would like to personally welcome you all to this first meeting of Horse Window Shoppers Anonymous.

Normally when the clock chimes noon at work I rush to my nearest browser and begin the systematic process of horse shopping on the internet.

“Why, EquiNovice, are you in the market to buy a horse?!” you ask…

nope. can’t. not enough money, not enough time, risk aversive tendencies, barely know how to ride.


There was a point a few months ago where I was closer to maybe actually responding to an ad and possibly going to try out a horse (notice all the non-commital language peppered in there?). I did some extensive research and it turned out to be a good thing because this horse was being billed as something it wasn’t and this realization helped to calm my shopping craving for a while as I lamented the potential crookedness of the industry. But after the dust settled, my cravings returned with a vengeance and I spent nearly my whole lunch hour EVERYDAY shopping for horses. I’d up my budget to see what else was out there, I’d increase the distance I was willing to travel to visit a horse, I even contemplated shipping a horse here sight unseen. I frequented Craigslist, Equine Now, Equine dot com, Dreamhorse, horse clicks, Warmbloods for sale, Drafts for sale, draft cross breeder’s websites, facebook horse groups etc until I was so hooked at looking at the newest ads it was like when you play the lottery with the same numbers every time and then you can’t NOT play because what if that is the ONE time your numbers WIN!!! I thought that if I didn’t look, the PERFECT horse would come up for sale and I would miss it!!!

I am trying to stay away from the ads considering I know that right now is not the right time for me. Window shopping is one thing, but I never want to turn into the dreaded  tire-kicker. The shopping obsession isn’t all bad, I mean after all, I haven’t actually bought anything. Plus, if I were to win that lottery, I know exactly which horse I would buy at any moment!

Will I ever truly be “in the market”? We’ll see…



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