Fall Nights

Horseback riding in Fall is one of my very favorite things. The temperatures are cool but it can be sunny and calm. I love the late afternoon sun shining through the colored leaves. Foggy mornings and frosty mornings watching the horse’s breath steam into the crisp air. Most of all, I love the smell of fall at the barn.

Cold changes the way things smell. I love the earthy smell of the hay all loaded into the loft; I love the way the lingering plants and trees all smell like the late summer sun has caramelized them slowly; I love the familiar and intoxicating smell of sweat on the skin of a warm horse; and the sugary, earthy smell of grain being munched in a cozy stable.

After a beautiful fall ride, there is nothing I love more than having the privilege of tucking a horse in at night. It is a chance to spend some quality time with a horse and provide them with the quality care they deserve after working hard for you. I often spent hours hand blow-drying the belgian mare I leased on cold winter nights in Almost Canada. As the horse cools down and dries after a workout under a nice warm cooler, I have time to clean tack, sweep the aisle, or just relax with the horse. It is wonderful.

Louie after my lesson at big barn.

Louie after my lesson at big barn.



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