It Needed to be Done

Well, it sucked, but I did it. I told my instructor at little barn that I had to quit lessons over the winter. I blamed scheduling issues for the most part which is at least a half-truth. I just didn’t want her to think her teaching was the main issue because it certainly was not.

  • scheduling difficulties: there are other instructors and boarders who need to use the same arena in the winter forcing her to move to group lessons rather than private. This also makes scheduling less flexible for me in general.
  • insufficient facilities: I cannot imagine what a group lesson would look like in that tiny, dusty arena.
  • not enough school horses available: just the honest truth.
  • mixed messages: sometimes it is good to have multiple points of view but the two paths were starting to diverge. note: The previous issues were far more pressing than this last one.

Sometimes it is hard for me to move on from these things. It is moments like these that remind me how much I care about what other people think of me…perhaps to my own detriment. But I am extremely pleased with the lessons I am still taking at big barn and I will continue to share my progress.



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