My Favorite Breeches

I just wanted to throw out a recommendation for all of the pear-shaped riders out there. I wear one brand of breeches almost exclusively and before I found them I tried many different options and had very little success.

I have had a difficult time buying jeans and pants for as long as I can remember, thanks to a bit of an odd shaped body. Being an athlete and specifically a soccer player and later a rower, I have always been forced to compensate for well developed quadriceps and glutes. And even when I was in my best athletic shape, I was never thin.  I measure around 33-35 inches at my waist (depending on my current weight) and I measure somewhere around  43-46 inches at the widest part of my body (just below my hips). I like to wear my pants at a lower rise but don’t have the smallest back end. The most common issue I encounter when trying to find pants of any kind, is that I must buy pants to fit the size of my thighs and subsequently they are huge in the waist for me.

The Irideon Cadence Stretch-Cord Low Rise Breeches are a perfect fit. The cord ribbing is very flattering and covers up a good amount of  the visual imperfections some other breech fabrics inevitably seem to highlight rather than diminish. They are stretchy enough to fit curves but not too tight anywhere. They keep their stretch and do not bag out during or after wear. They wash great, I have even fully dried them in the dryer (a mistake, I prefer to air dry breeches) with no shrinking, warping, fading, or pilling. They don’t attract hair or hay; they are excellent for riding in all four seasons; they are moderately priced; they come in many colors; and they LAST- I have ridden in a few of my pairs regularly for the past 3 years.

Irideon Cadence Breeches

I could only find a couple of pictures of me actually wearing the breeches because I don’t have very many pictures of me riding! But here is one that comes from a video I did for a work project- my very good friend graciously lent me her talented Haflinger to star in a short video.

Duke the wonder pony!

The only other picture I have that decently shows how the breeches fit is from a couple years ago when I was still living in Almost Canada leasing the beautiful Belgian.

Kate the great!

Kate the great!

I am currently in the process of collecting all of the different colors available but also next on my list would be to try the full-seat version of this breech as I currently only have knee patch. I think these are fabulous schooling breeches and you ought to get a pair and try them out yourself!!



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