Musings of a Horse Borrower

These are some of the thoughts that randomly pop in my head when I am riding someone else’s horse. I’ve only been in this situation a few times where I have ridden a horse that didn’t belong to my instructor or a friend of mine. I haven’t had a good opportunity to ask some of these questions out loud because I don’t see Louie’s owner a lot and obviously, some, I would never actually ask out loud but it doesn’t mean that I am not curious!

  • What agreement exists between our instructor and you that allows me to do this?
  • Does it secretly bother you or please you when I show affection to your horse?
  • What about if I take pictures of him/her?
  • Crap. My bad riding isn’t going to ruin your horse, right?
  • Would it be weird if I cleaned your tack? Bought some new brushing boots?
  • Can I give your horse treats? What kind does he/she like the best?
  • How much did you pay for your horse?
  • Could we be friends? or is that weird? It was that way for me before and it was really nice.
  • What happens if your horse gets hurt- is there another one I could ride?
  • I wonder how you look when you ride.
  • Could I come watch you ride your horse?
  • Thank you for letting me ride your horse.
  • Was it a hard decision to let your horse be used for schooling? I bet it was…
  • I wonder how many other people ride your horse each week.
  • What would you think if you read my blog?


ah yes, I love the smell of over-thinking in the morning!


I know this is kind of a fluff post but maybe I will have something more interesting to say after my lesson tonight. Stay warm out there!



2 thoughts on “Musings of a Horse Borrower

    • Whew! not the only one thinking some of these things-that’s a relief! Mostly, I just want his owner to know that I try very hard to take good care of him whenever I am with him. I can’t promise my riding will be perfect but I am interested in learning how to be a good horse owner. Perhaps not quite to the level it sounds like you’ve got with B right now ;-), but I wish I were a bit more involved with care- then again, I suppose that’s the difference- this isn’t a lease. sigh…

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