All I Can Ask is That You Try

I rode my favorite gray curmudgeon, Splash, last night at the therapy barn. We have been exercise riding the horses weekly to supplement their decreased therapy lessons over the winter season. I have worked with a few of the horses this winter but have kind of settled on Splash. It has been a bit of a rocky road in some respects since we have battled awful weather, lameness, and scheduling difficulties but the successful rides we have had are helping the horses meet their training goals slowly but surely.


Must I work hard for you again?! I am le tired…

Last night I had a “lesson” on Splash since the one of the program staffers has taken an interest in helping with the exercise ride program. The woman knows some stuff but she is just NOT my kind of teacher. She is…hmmmm… abrasive. She is the complete opposite of my current instructor. So, while I was legitimately excited to receive a mini no-stirrup lunge line lesson last night, it was an extreme exercise of my patience as well.

We did have some good success later in the lesson working on downward transitions, a little bending, and a few minutes of engaging the hind and working on the bit. Splash did great! She tried so hard for me, so we ended early on a very positive note!

I also got a chance to ride the barn’s “new guy” Scout. He has a pretty concussive trot but he is a very good listener and seems like a steady fellow.

My lesson tonight was rescheduled for Saturday. Hopefully I’ll be able to film some of it to review later!



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