Of Geometry, Filming, and Saddle Pads

I had a successful lesson yesterday after a week-long hiatus from my solicited lessons (see previous post for explanation of the un-solicited variety). We worked on promptness to lateral cues and bending. At the trot we did the spiral in and out on a circle drill.

Just a note, THIS is a spiral:


THIS is apparently MY working definition of a spiral:

just, no.

just, no.

No, I had not been drinking.

One great thing I did though, was finally grow a pair and ask my trainer if I could film my lesson! She said “of course” so I brought my setup with me yesterday and filmed my whole lesson. I have a Kodak Playsport (nifty little waterproof USB camera capable of filming in HD) and a versatile clamp mount. I set that baby up on one of the beams along the rail in the corner and just pressed record. The memory card I have would have recorded up to and hour and a half but I just needed 45 so it worked brilliantly. The only thing I would do next time is look for a different spot to mount the camera- the angle ended up a little tilted but I didn’t mind too much, this was just a test anyway.

There are SO many benefits to filming a lesson.

  • Seeing exactly when you let the outside shoulder go and thus didn’t get the inside hind step you were asking for.
  • Hearing your trainer ask you over and over again to bend your elbows (and seeing why) (and yelling at yourself on the screen to freaking LISTEN to her!!)
  • Watching your shoulders creep up your neck during a sitting trot
  • Finally understanding what leg yield should feel/look like.
  • The chance to pay better attention to stuff you missed in the moment because you were focused on something else.

and last, but most important…

  • The ability to capture still shots of the .5 seconds you managed to do something right!
The moment before that shoulder squirted out into my floppy outside rein.

The moment that shoulder squirted out into my floppy, un-soportive outside rein.

Here we are on our circle.

Here we are on our circle looking kinda bendy at least.

Having a trot

Trot on the rail.

Here we are having a nice walk. Take a picture quick!

Here we are having a nice walk. Take a picture quick!

Elbows… llama.

Elbows… llama.

Louie is also sporting a new saddle pad! There are always plenty of all-purpose pads available at the barn but sometimes dressage pads can be scarce. My trainer’s dressage saddle is pretty big and an AP pad just doesn’t cut it.  I got a super deal on a dressage pad at equestrian collections so I snuck it into the pile. A new pair of brushing boots might sneak in the barn in the coming weeks too since ours are  starting to look a little rough.

Looking forward to riding on Tuesday and Wednesday this week!



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