Bendy Epiphanies

I had a “come to Jesus moment” (apologies for using what has been voted the most reviled business phrase of 2014) the other day at work about my body mechanics while riding. It involved a USB cord and a set of headphones tied together to form reins and a loaded down paper filer as a fixing point for my “reins” or -for the purpose of this demonstration- the horse. It was spring break this week which has lost all meaning for me except that I get a decent parking spot at work and no one is around to see me riding my desk horse. It was really helpful to imagine bending, turning, and even leg yielding on the ground. Keeping in mind that you obviously lose 50% of the experience when you remove the horse from the equation, it still helped me to wrap my brain around what my body must look like to more correctly ask a horse to perform these simple tasks. I took the positions I had visualized at the office to the barn for my lesson that night and it was a huge success for me! I use the word “positions” purposefully as I am sure what I was doing in the saddle appeared maybe a little stiff to my instructor but was a step in the right direction to building correct muscle memory.

I confessed to having watched my filmed lesson more than once and yelling at myself to mind my elbows and not get stiff in my shoulders. I also thanked my instructor for being so patient with that- I think this week was a big improvement since she didn’t have to remind me nearly as often. It was a wonderful lesson- very therapeutic.




action shot


I just packed you around like a champ, wut more could you possibly want?!

I am writing this post on the way to Colombia for work. I would love to try and sneak a chance to find a Colombian Paso to ride while I am in town, but I’m not sure I’ll have the time. Though it will be a loooong week for me, it should be a fun trip! After all, it is my first time in Colombia.

As usual I am “smuggling” down a number of items for my Latino coworkers.

I bring this:


and this:


In exchange for this:


and this:


Nope. Despite my many requests, my coworkers continually fail to deliver on that last one… sigh.

I will miss my lesson next week but I may end up with some photos of a few latino ponies to share with you!



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