It’s Truly Amazing, You know?

My wednesday night lesson this week was one of those lessons where I walk out thinking: holy moses that was the best therapy session, workout, spiritual catharsis, full body message, and medicine that money can buy. 

I got in my car for the long ride home and I had that feeling of being both completely empty and completely full. My muscles were all spent and I was floating in a delicious cocktail of endorphins, serotonin and dopamine. 

I won’t bore you anymore by explaining how this occurs, since I’ve done it before, and since the majority of you already know exactly what this feels like. And I won’t formally link to Viva Carlos’s wonderful blog hop topic this week because others have said it better than I ever could this time around, but THIS, this is why I continue to ride. I am a straight-up junkie. I simply cannot get enough of this feeling.

Here’s hoping you have a ride like this soon!



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