Stormy: as in my Mood…

Last month if you chose any night of the week and asked me what I was going to do that night, my answer would have been: riding. This month has been an entirely different story. Sunny, my “leased” horse, is still not back to 100%. His owner told me a few days ago that he was still off and if he was still lame next week she would have the vet out to look at him. I helped soak his foot a couple of times; I have dropped by to check on him and give him some attention; and the other day I came out to give him a bath because it’s been so bloody hot outside. But no riding.

June has been a busy month for me at work and I have been traveling quite a bit. I missed my lesson last week because I was flying to Miami and I will miss next Wednesday’s lesson working in San Jose.

I was excited for my lesson last night and after a beautiful (albeit long) drive to the barn I was more than ready to grab Louie and get back into the swing of things. The woman whose lesson is right before mine had her mare tacked and ready to go so we chatted while we waited for the previous lesson to finish. The wind was picking up and the sky to the north started looking ominous. My instructor moved her lesson to the indoor to prepare for rain and I went in the barn to get Louie ready. I had just finished brushing him when a huge gust of wind blew a bunch of saddle pads (set out to dry) off of the gate and into the barn. Louie was basically like “whatever, no biggie,” because he’s a total champ. A few minutes later my instructor and the other lesson rider came back into the barn- mare was NOT having the storm in the indoor arena so they abandoned their lesson. We closed the barn doors since it was blowing and raining pretty hard and my intent was to hangout and let the storm pass and hopefully be able to salvage a lesson. In the meantime, my instructor wanted to show me how to pull Louie’s mane since I have never done it before. She pulls two pieces and the lights go out. We had a good laugh and that was the end of the mane pulling lesson. We put Louie back in his stall and a small group of us were just hanging out in the dark watching the radar on our phones. It finally cleared up enough that we could open the doors but another cell was going to come through. I decided to call it a night and head home before the storm picked up again. No lesson.

I’ve been riding at this barn for almost a year now and this is the first time I have driven all the way there and didn’t have a lesson- which is pretty good because I knew it would happen eventually. Weather is very unpredictable here. The forecast indicated a small chance of rain but that storm just snuck up on us! …humbug.

A huge thanks to my buddy for letting me come out last sunday to ride her horses with her!

# of rides in the entire month of June: 2



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