A Little Thoroughbred Action

Last nights’s Lesson recap:


Horse: Argy 10 y/o TB

Conditions: temps high 70s, humid, light breeze

Arena: outdoor

Recap: Last night when I got to the barn Louie’s owner was there getting him groomed for a show this Saturday and it was clear they had just gone for a good ride so I took a seat and we chatted a bit. My instructor finished up with the previous lesson and came into the barn and told me to go ahead and grab Argy for my lesson. I’ve ridden Argy once before and, even though I really love riding Louie, I enjoy the opportunity to ride other horses as well! It was a good ride. We didn’t work on anything particularly ground breaking or new but that was okay for me since I didn’t ride much at all in the month of June. Argy is naturally more sensitive than Louie, which was nice in some respects since I didn’t end up expending all my energy in keeping him in front of my leg. His trot was really interesting. My instructor mentioned that sometimes he has trouble working through his back and using his whole body so sometime he can get caught just kind of rushing his feet along shuffling and not really relaxing and stretching into the trot so to help him I would need to be loose in my body and swing with him to help allow him to use his body better. It was good imagery and really worked! Plus, I can tend to get tense and “perch” in the saddle if I over think things, so it helped me sit better too. It felt like slow motion when we both stayed loose- almost slower than I naturally would have wanted to go but my instructor assured me that it was a good trot for him. The magic is getting that slow motion feeling but with the sensation that more of the horse is in front of you than behind you.

We did a bit of lateral work, some haunches-in and shoulder-in on a circle. A bit of leg yielding at the walk and trot- to varying degrees of success. We finished with some canter work. I did two really crappy trot-canter transitions where he was really unbalanced because I was leaning and collapsing through my core (I’m really good at this) so he cantered for half a lap and then just fell into the trot- no bueno. As soon as I focused on keeping my chest open and sitting tall, things improved dramatically and I got two really good transitions in both directions.

All in all, a great lesson and a beautiful night to ride a horse. Argy and I were also subtly holiday themed (secret guilty pleasure) since I wore a light blue polo and festive socks and to compliment my outfit, Argy wore a white saddle pad and boots with bright red straps.

Screen Shot 2014-07-03 at 10.06.37 AM






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