The Dragon Tamer

This title is floating around the barn with my name attached to it thanks to a certain someone… ahem, Sunny, who is teaching me how to sit bucks and temper tantrums. Things are coming to a bit of a critical point though, because since Sunny has mostly recovered from his previous hoof issues, his owner has asked me to begin dressage lessons with him again. She continues to believe that his behavior should just be ignored and that he is just testing his boundaries. I am not so sure. The reason we stopped dressage lessons in the first place was because it became dressage rodeo 100% of the time. Maybe I need to stop explaining the silver lining of how my “exercise rides” are going with him because she doesn’t quite understand that in order to get a few steps of good work at any gait faster than a walk, I have to sit a buck, turn tight circles, and discourage a tantrum every 30 seconds. I’m no expert, and not unwilling to admit it might be me that he doesn’t like, but no one else will ride him. I’d like to experiment a little and ride him with a different saddle, or different bit, or watch someone else ride him but I’m not sure how possible any of those options are. I’ll have to chat with the owner and see what she thinks. Until then…just call me The Dragon Tamer.





4 thoughts on “The Dragon Tamer

  1. Have You Done Much Groundwork With Him? May Not Be What His Owner Wants, But If I Remember Correctly He Didn’t Have The Best Manners. Sorry For All The Caps, My Phone Is Automatically Capitalizing Everything.

    • ground work is a good suggestion for sure- some of the others at the barn have looked at him and think he may not even be sound, owner thinks it is just behavior, but either way some extra ground work won’t hurt and may help!

  2. I Just Remember Him Being kind Of Difficult As Far As Ground Manners And Personal Space. I’m sure Its Just Behavior, I Know you Can Get Him Where He Needs To Be.

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