Sunday Funday

I grow weary of the Sunny situation…which culminated in me neglecting him a bit last week. To beat the blues, I headed out to the barn on Sunday afternoon determined just to have some fun and enjoy my visit rather than leaving puzzled or frustrated. I was the only one in the barn so I popped in a bunch of my CDs and jammed out to my music over the speakers during my whole pony playdate. I lunged Sunny and he was still looking sore but not terrible. Then, for some reason, maybe I was lulled into fantasy land by the music, I snapped his reins on to his halter and hopped up bareback. We toodled around the indoor and then since I wanted to even out my farmers tan he was so relaxed and behaving himself, I rode him outside to the outdoor arena. The whole experience was super enjoyable except for a brief moment of heart-racing when one of the therapy horses and the two mini horses were turned out in a different pasture from their norm. This pasture is directly across from the outdoor and as soon as they saw Sunny and I walking to the outdoor they came jogging over to say hi. Turns out Sunny is afraid of the minis so his head whips around and he gets a panicky look on his face and I’m thinking this is going to be a tough one to explain if he dumps me and gets loose. He spooked sideways once, but luckily it wasn’t a big one and didn’t unseat me though it did drop my heart into my stomach. We took a few laps in the sunshine and walked over a few poles just for kicks. We pranced nervously by the minis again and returned to the indoor.

death-wish...I has it.

death-wish…I have it.


I may have taken selfies bareback on a horse known most recently for bucking repeatedly under saddle but…YOLO…or something.


Wearing my helmet, of course!...not a complete idiot.

Wearing my helmet, of course!…not a complete idiot*. 



Once we were back inside I removed the reins and let him loose in the arena where he had a luxurious roll.


whatcha doin over there?

whatcha doin over there?


I better come see.

I better come see.


The music played, the fun was had,  and no humans or animals were harmed in the making of this blog post.




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