The Click

Sunny got his feet trimmed last Thursday, which was great because he was getting really long and also great because he managed to pull his shoe, yet again. The farrier will be back at the barn in two weeks so Sunny’s owner decided to leave him barefoot and re-assess when the farrier is back. Yesterday afternoon was my first ride on him since he had his feet trimmed so despite the heat (index in the mid-nineties) I lunged him first to give him a good warm up and to make sure his feet were feeling good. He started out rather stiff in both directions but loosened out eventually…

And then proceeded to give me the best ride we have had since I first started riding him in April.

Maybe it was just too hot to be naughty, maybe he goes better without his shoes, or maybe I’ve improved my response to his tricks. Whatever it was, we just finally clicked. I got some really decent trot work with a level of relaxation that hasn’t been there for months. 


Screen Shot 2014-08-25 at 1.27.37 PM




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