“Working” on Labor Day

I rode Sunny yesterday afternoon and had a much better ride than I did on Saturday. He was still his normal opinionated self though, and it seemed to particularly chap his bum when I asked for a bit of canter mid-way through some nice trot work. He exploded into the canter, tossed his head, crow hopped, and generally careened around the arena until I determined we ought to trot again. It took quite awhile after the canter tantrum for Sunny to put his big boy pants on again and focus on what I was asking him to do. He finally got his emotions under control and gave me some very respectable figure eights at the trot as well as some lovely walk.


ugh my stoopid elbows

ugh my stoopid elbows, Sunny looks nice though


I appreciate this walk

I appreciate this walk


Having a stretch. Him...obviously not my hip flexors.

Having a stretch. Him…obviously not my hip flexors.


This is how Sunny feels about selfies.

This is how Sunny feels about selfies. Sweaty human is salty delicious!


It can be fall anytime now… I am so freaking sick of this weather.



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