Nothin’ Much to See Here

No high-speed dismounts on to my face this week!! Success!

Apparently last week was a bad luck week for a few different riders at my barn. Two other riders also fell off during their lessons though my trainer assures me that mine was by far the most dramatic…greaaaaaat…I just LOVE winning THAT award….  Am I an awful human being because I had a moment of relief that I wasn’t the only one who fell off last week? Nevermind, don’t answer that. Even Saint Louie tripped and launched a rider- just bizarre. I’m just glad we all got that out of the way!!!!!

I had a good lesson last night on my trainer’s horse- he is really fun to ride. He is extremely sensitive/responsive but he is very forgiving. He is a funny guy- he absolutely loathes being groomed but really other than that he is a total gentleman and actually quite cuddly. I rode him in a jump saddle that fit me so well that my trainer said it looked like it was made for me. So while I didn’t appreciate having to ride in shorter stirrups, my stupid right leg wasn’t as bothered as I thought it would be by it. I still told her not to get any ideas.

I will go check on Sunny the Sunfish tonight and hope he’s not (still) off. Maybe we’ll just go walk around the pasture since it is gorgeous outside.


Gratuitous Kentucky photo taken last weekend. Visited the fam, attended second cousin’s wedding as my grandmother’s date, and sipped moonshine out on the farm.



One thought on “Nothin’ Much to See Here

  1. yay for not being the only one!! (of course – glad you’re all ok tho!). and forgiving is definitely a quality i like in my horses – glad you enjoyed the lesson 🙂

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