The one point is the human-shaped depression in my couch cushion.

I can count on one hand the number of times I have ridden in a two-point position but since my instructor has been asking me for more of it in my lessons recently I thought maybe I would, at the very least, unofficially participate in the October two-point challenge. Unfortunately, I received a voicemail from Sunny’s owner that I won’t be able to ride him for the next few weeks. The farrier came out to trim him up since his hooves had been chipping and were looking rough since going barefoot. His owner doesn’t want to shoe him again because she is going on maternity leave soon and Sunny has had so much trouble keeping his shoes on. Long story short, the plan is hoof hardener and two weeks off.

With my “leased” horse out of commission for most of the month and a work trip taking me out of the country for one week this month as well, my plans for exploring two-point have gone out the window.

I am currently embedded into my couch recovering from a cold. I had plans to go with a couple of friends to audit a dressage clinic tomorrow but obviously no one wants someone coughing the whole time they are trying to ride. Plus, I just found out that my coworker, who I am going to visit this month, has Dengue Fever so…yeah…I’ll just be over here sucking it up and not whining a single bit more.

I am hoping to rebound from this…very minor hurdle and make October a rowing month. If I can’t be in the saddle, I can at least be working on my fitness.

Good luck all you two-pointers!!



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