Real Men Wear Pink

I didn’t get this done in time to enter Racing to Ride‘s contest but I don’t mind at all because this was just so damn fun to do!!!!! In honor of October being National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Duke the pony and I dressed up in our brightest pink and even went for a little ride. I wanted to do this for a couple of reasons, some more altruistic, perhaps, than others. The primary reason was to take a picture and send it to my aunt to brighten her day. My aunt is finishing up her last rounds of chemo on her second battle with breast cancer and will undergo a double mastectomy this winter. The lesser reasons were: because dressing up an agreeable pony is just delightful; and the possibility of giving the very serious, local dressage hotshot a mini stroke at the sight of our pinksplosion gave me a good chuckle.

D'awwww ponykins

                                                                 D’awwww ponykins

This weekend was also the annual Fun Show at the therapy barn so I ran around an arena all day long and had a blast but I was so exhausted when it was over that I barely made it out to the other barn to dress Duke up before the sun was setting. It was totally worth it though and I left the barn in a fabulous mood because…seriously…how could you not?!

Duke and I took couple spins around the outdoor arena and I got to work on my no-stirrups posting and sitting trot since the stirrups his owner uses are waaaay too short for me even at their longest.

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.15.04 PM

We even had a couple lovely canters before I nearly collapsed from exhaustion! No stirrups is sooooo tough!!!!

Screen Shot 2014-10-25 at 8.20.19 PM

Such a stud!

                                                           Such a stud


I never really went through the “pretty princess” stage and I only ever wore pink if I was forced, but with a little craftiness and a borrowed pony, Duke and I wore that pink proudly!



3 thoughts on “Real Men Wear Pink

    • Thanks! Sitting his trot was like 30 seconds of “Okay, I’ve got this!” followed by 10 seconds of “Oh nooo, I don’t got this…” Repeat until falling, walking, or cantering. 😉

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