First Snow Ride

Yesterday, after returning from a work trip to Miami, my friend and I suited up in flannel like the northern-borns we are and held the first annual meeting of Extreme Saddle Club. We knew it was going to be cold but we assumed we’d be able to ride in the indoor arena. Not so much. Surprisingly, for a Sunday, the barn was busy and we knew as soon as we pulled in that we’d be roughing it in the outdoor. The snow started as we finished tacking up and continued to fall wet and heavy during our ride. The ponies were polite and adorable despite the conditions and I was so grateful for my one pair of Kerrits Sit Tight ‘N Warm tights.

photo 1-8

The Adoramable Snowpony

           The Adoramable Snowpony


I am in town this whole week and weekend so I might even back the dragon this week- it’s been a long time!! His owner had her first baby a few weeks ago and he has been pasture puffing like a champ since I have been traveling so much. This week it’s going to be back to the old grind for the Sundragon!


photo 1-7



8 thoughts on “First Snow Ride

  1. You are so Northern Europe or Alaskan in those pics! Awesome. I would have grabbed a latte and waited until the indoor cleared out. Good for you for braving the elements. By the way, did you remember to slide off gently at the end of your ride?

    • haha that’s my friend in the pictures but I promise I was equally nordic in flannel! I wish sliding off gently hadn’t been a late afterthought on my way down- my friend and I talked about that searing ankle pain you get in the cold if you forget such an important rule!

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