Screw it, it’s too Cold.

No stirrups November turned into no stirrups, saddle, or bridle last night as I decided to putter around on the dragon for the first time in a great while. It was very cold (around 15 degrees) so my aim was only to see if he was sound and get his blood moving a little. I lunged him for a warm-up just to ensure he wouldn’t hit full dragon mode and then I climbed aboard and we meandered around the arena. He is really comfy to ride bareback and even trotted some for me (despite much ear pinning).

photo 1-9

ย “Why are we doing this?” Sunny asks.

Tonight it is supposed to be even colder so I doubt I’ll do anything differently. I may try and see if I can squeeze his saddle on using the girth from this surcingle rather than his normal girth…somebody has …er… temporarily outgrown his normal girth.

photo 2-9

Stay warm out there, everyone!

photo 3-3



3 thoughts on “Screw it, it’s too Cold.

  1. good for you for even riding in those conditions! and i’m sure sunny doesn’t fit his girth just bc of extra winter woolies – definitely not bc of extra chub lol, the horror! ๐Ÿ™‚

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