Covet Corner: Plaid

Plaid everything.



I don’t know if it’s because I hail from the northland where plaid is not merely tolerated but fully embraced as fashion? Whatever the reason, I love plaid. You may call it tartan- that’s okay.

Bourbon : Whiskey :: Tartan : Plaid

All tartans are plaid, but not all plaids are tartan.  I call it all awesome.




There is one plaid saddle pad at the therapy barn and if I am tacking a horse for a lesson, I choose that pad 3 to 1 over any other pad. The thought of that pad on just about any of the horses in the therapy string just pleases me immensely. It’s not even that special of a plaid pattern- but I still like it.

I have been jonesing SO HARD for a tartan saddle pad. The problem is two-fold: there really aren’t very many plaid saddle pads out there (and even fewer dressage pads); and I am a little picky about the plaid pattern and colors.

I like Baker plaid, and this tartan version may end up being what I decide to settle on, since it is pretty close to what I like.




There are a lot more options for brighter plaid saddle pads out there that I don’t particularly care for, I wish there were darker plaids available. I think some dark, rich colored plaids would look fantastic on a horse like Sunny (dark bay).



Monograms seem to be some people’s thing- I like them too, but PLAID. Plaid can be my thing.





Plaid Monogram. Whoa.


What do you think about plaid in the equine fashion realm? love it? or does it hurt your eyes?



13 thoughts on “Covet Corner: Plaid

    • certain plaids can be way too busy- I think the darker plaids look a little more subtle.
      Haha, I love me some plaid all year round!!! Then again, when you grow up where there is 6 months of winter- that pretty well covers it!

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