Sunny the Bipolar Dragon

Coin Flip


I had a brilliant ride on Sunny last week with very minimal fussing and only one mini buck. He relaxed a little (still awfully tense); begrudgingly bent his body (after the thousandth circle); and even cantered both directions (pinned ears are for streamlining, right?).

Last night I had a more spicy dragon and took many rides on the merry-go-round as we hopped around the arena. He did some decent trot work for me but I’m pretty sure our canter was not cantering but rather sequential crow-hopping which, actually, felt a lot like cantering to ride. I know sometimes I make him sound like a dangerous jerk but he’s not. Spoiled rotten and work sour is probably more accurate. He rarely bucks to remove me from the saddle, mostly just stating his opinion-and he has MANY opinions.

I got off to tighten my girth once in the beginning of our ride and decided I wanted to see if I could still mount from the ground. HAHAHAHA sorry you need the chiropractor now, Sunny. But for the record, I made it. Don’t worry, I’ll not be doing THAT again unless I have to- wouldn’t want anyone calling Animal Welfare on me (trust me, you would if you’d seen it).

Then after some more work I decided that some no stirrup riding would be fun. Sunny is like the easiest horse to ride bareback or no stirrups- his trot is super smooth. He also hates it though, so there was much mini-bucking which is extra fun to sit with no stirrups. Luckily he gives a lot of warning and doesn’t lose his mind over it.

I’ll flip the coin a couple more times this week and hopefully get some decent rides in. He’s sound-so that counts for something!




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