I’m so Old.

Not really.

But as I sit here at work icing my sore, arthritic knee under my desk I sure feel old.

Did any of you spend any amount of time in an athletic training room in school? I did. I practically lived there. It was like an unwanted free internship in athletic training. While I sat on naugahyde covered benches and tended to my own varied injuries, I learned valuable skills like: taping ankles; how to run the ice baths; ice massages; how wrestlers cut weight; the varied tones of joint crepitus; how bad hockey gear smells; muscle taping; how to test the laxity in a knee; and how amazing a fresh bag of ice tightly saran wrapped to your post-surgical knee feels.

This crazy back and forth weather is already affecting my joint and add to that running around an arena in deep sand leading horses for kids lessons and I am shuffle-limping around work and determining my work outfits based on ability to allow direct ice bag contact to my knee.

I was a little worried that my lesson this week would be bad since my knee was struggling so hard but actually it went quite well. I was only reminded twice by my trainer to stop locking up my right knee. That’s pretty good considering it was probably more likely to default to a “safety” position while swollen. Do other people also talk about their injured/non-compliant limbs as if they had a mind of their own??

ugh human...go away. But give me my dinner before you go.

ugh human…go away. But give me my dinner before you go.


We worked on respecting corners in the arena, staying straight, and promptness all to good success. We hit a rhythm together and things felt quite nice from my perspective and a whole lot better than last week. He may have still had his angry face on when I tacked him up but we finished the lesson working together without much tension from either of us. Last week was a bit of a tension brawl all the way around. My trainer commented that even though we had done more work this time than last week, he was less sweaty and part of that was likely due to the surprising extra effort it takes to stiffly work against each other versus swinging together.

I am traveling for the next couple of weeks so it was great to have a successful lesson to ponder.

No, I'm sure I have no idea why your foam is carrot colored...no idea.

No, I’m sure I have no idea why your slobber is carrot colored…no idea.


Louie was practically falling asleep as I was cooling him out but seriously, who stands like this:


Does it not look like MUCH more effort to cock your hip that far?! How can that be comfortable?!

Man, Louie, between whatever this is, and my professional slouching ability, no wonder we tie each other up in knots trying to be straight!



8 thoughts on “I’m so Old.

  1. i’ve never had a serious joint injury – but did tweak my knee in a fall a couple years ago and felt it for months… that alone just stunk so bad, can’t imagine what your knee feels like now! glad you managed a great ride tho – and that Louie decided to play along!

  2. Ugh, I pulled a bunch of tendons in my ankle in July when I fell jogging. Although I thought I was fully recovered (went to physio tons), now that winter is here I have a dull ache in my ankle and it feels locked up all the time. It has made me feel quite old and a bit dreary, like this is the beginning of the end for my 40 year old body. Ridiculous and over dramatic I know. Glad you had a good ride!

    • totally NOT overdramatic! That’s exactly what it feels like.

      I was sitting in my desk chair with my knee propped up on some old boxes of marketing materials with a bag of ice on my knee and musing about how freaking AMAZING it felt. lol

  3. When I ride in the winter, I wear a Back on Track knee brace on the knee that got kicked in 2007. If I don’t, it’s really achey when I get done riding. Congrats on a good lesson and have fun traveling! Hopefully I’ll get to see you when you get back!

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