TOABH: Worth 1k Words

Worth 1k Words.
Beka asks us to “share our favorite photos of our stud muffins.  No limit.”
Is this weird if it isn’t your own horse? Or even your current horse? Nawwwww….
Kate’s owner would totally approve!
I know this is supposed to be less words, more photos- so I’ll only say that this horse was my very first official lease, and has a very very special place in my heart. She is with a fabulous new owner now, back doing mounted patrol work and living the good life. I had the opportunity to buy her a couple years ago but having just started a new job in a new state, I was not in a position to buy a horse. I don’t regret making that decision since I know she is very happy and loved but I do often think about how much fun we could be having with my current skill set and trainer.
I’d love just one more ride.
Without further adieu… the full-blooded Belgian Draft dressage mare, Kate:

                                                                                  Big smile

Picture 5



                                                                my favorite selfie ever.


                                                   Was this just a dream I had once?!

Picture 38

    Girl’s got some skills. Balanced, sensitive, and forward. This is her former owner aboard.


Picture 15

My family meeting Kate. My grandma and my aunt visiting from Kentucky.

My family meeting Kate! My grandma and my aunt visiting from Kentucky.


                                                              Those eyelashes, though.

Picture 1

Picture 6

Hello, Gorgeous!

                                                                         Hello, Gorgeous!





Picture 8



                cute butt


Picture 20


The dapples…the willow trees around the dressage court…the light! ugh, take me back there!


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