The Voyage Continues

This was the soundtrack to my test drive on Tyco this past Saturday morning.

This particular indoor arena was built fairly recently and is all wood so it makes some of the craziest creaking, rattling, groaning, squeaking sounds I have ever heard. The sound in the video isn’t even an exaggeration, it’s fairly accurate.

On a positive note, I got a short lesson on Tyco with my old dressage trainer and since she has been exercise riding him for a while she gave me all the inside details on him. He was understandably spooky- trying to perform relaxed dressage movements in the galley of a ship in single digit temps is difficult. My trainer spent almost the entire portion of the lesson trying to coax me out of a fetal defensive riding position that she thinks I have acquired from riding Sunny, but really I’m pretty sure it had everything to do with being on a horse I don’t know in the worst possible weather for trying out a new horse. Or, maybe it was the best weather to try out a new horse- as she said, this is the worst he gets- and he really wasn’t bad given the conditions.

I know, not a particularly flattering photo. I'm getting more chubby and dirty than baroque or majestic.

I know, not a particularly flattering photo. More chubby and dirty than baroque or majestic but he is cute.

I didn’t get much time to get to know Tyco’s personality but he seemed very steady and good natured, and the trainer adores him. Charlie has personality for days and is a little goofy and quirky in a giant puppy dog kind of way.

Bottom line though, I enjoyed the ride despite the conditions, and think that it would also be a lovely partnership. So now begins the listing of the pros and cons as decision time looms. Both leases would likely begin in March.

Here are the similarities and then I’ll list the pros and cons that are unique to each situation.

  • same lease price (flat monthly payments)
  • both horses are middle-aged with few health issues
  • owners seem flexible and easy to work with
  • both horses have been out of work and will need some basic conditioning
  • both horses are forward, willing, and sweet

Screen Shot 2015-02-17 at 10.52.21 AM


Screen Shot 2015-02-16 at 10.59.21 AM

Charlie gets his feet trimmed tomorrow and I may ride him once more before making my decision. I want to try him in my dressage saddle just to see if it fits and see how he goes when his feet are in better shape. Then it will just be some heart-searching to think about which is the best fit long-term for me. I’m pretty sure I know which one is the better fit.


Side note- I have totally been listening to the above video for the past hour and it is actually pretty nice as white noise haha just not quite ideal for dressage when performed live.


7 thoughts on “The Voyage Continues

  1. I know which one I would choose, having been in a similar situation while looking to board Connor somewhere. I didn’t initially consider the farm due to distance/cost.

  2. both horses sound really interesting! it’s kind of hard reading between the lines of your pros/cons lists, but i hope that whatever you decide on works really well for you!

    (fwiw, arena and/or extra trainer fees have only been a minor annoyance in my experience, rather than a full-blown con. also – yes pasture board can equal always-muddy horse, but it can also mean always-happy horse, or horse that’s easier to get back into shape…)

  3. Oh, wow. To be honest, not being able to ride until after 8PM on weeknights would be a deal-breaker for me! That is really late for me O.O

    • It is late. There are a couple of nights when classes don’t go as late but that kinda makes the “pro” about choosing my own riding schedule null and void. It’s doable, but unfortunate 😦

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