Premature Chicken Counting

I am not a fan of counting on things before they’ve been confirmed (trust issues, much?) But I just couldn’t wrestle over this decision any longer and even though I’ve signed no agreement yet and the sky could still fall…I’m taking my chances!


This will come as no surprise to many of you and especially not to the ever-so-pragmatic sprinklerbandit, who kindly suggested I get my head out of my own ass and take a look around at the obvious. I am slightly more sentimental, though, and wasn’t quite done overthinking, worrying about feelings, and letting deeply ingrained conflict avoidance tendencies cloud my judgment ;). Thanks to all those who weighed-in and helped me think about the situation with far more clarity than I could have managed on my own- you guys are da best!!!

I did finally come to my senses though, and when the massive upsides just kept pouring in, I could deny them no longer and I wrote my dressage trainer and told her I was more than ready to move ahead with leasing Tyco!

I really clicked with Charlie personality-wise which made it quite difficult for me to turn him down but this is the better choice and I have no regrets and I am SO SO SO EXCITED TO BE LEASING AGAIN!!!!!

I cannot wait to swoon over these eyelashes


And admire this sexy, iberian profile:


I hope you’ll all join me in welcoming Tyco to the EquiNovice family!!



8 thoughts on “Premature Chicken Counting

  1. As adorable as Charlie is, I agree you made the right choice! Better barn and a couple awesome people to ride with! Happy for you

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