Communicating with English Professors

Slightly impatient at the stagnation of my lease progress, I have resorted to new methods of imploring my English Lit professor of a lessor to stop pulling a Thoreau and get at me!!! Nothing says “lease me your horse already!” quite like trochaic tetrameter…

A “slight” nod to Blake’s, “The Tyger”, with many liberties taken and poetic license sorely abused, I present to you:

Tyco, Where is your Owner?!


Tyco Tyco, mighty steed,

Getting fat on lots of feed;

What snow or storm or facebook drought

Explains your owner’s whereabouts?


Does she think that I can wait?

Ignoring, as my hopes deflate.

Will I see her by month’s end,

Lease agreement finally penned?


Winter blows, I do agree,

Still! Why won’t she contact me?

Do I write her? Ease my mind?

Or leave the terms so undefined?


What the drifts? What the streets?

Her driveway one complete ice sheet?

Wishing better weather here

Me, and most the blogosphere…


I hope she does not think me vain,

Impatient to ride you again

A week, it doesn’t seem like much

But, please! Tell her to get in touch.


Tyco Tyco , handsome lad,

You’ll still look great in my plaid pad,

Does winter’s grip, beyond a doubt

Explain your owner’s whereabouts?




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